Corporate Consulting

Andrew Pike Interiors Inc. offers multiple options for consulting on corporate or commercial projects based on each client’s needs. Whether you require a single day of design consultation on an upcoming project or ongoing involvement for product design and development, corporate branding, or marketing initiatives, we are pleased to work with you to create a plan for you and your business. 


Andrew Pike has enjoyed a very successful partnership with Blanco. He has been a brand ambassador, hosting cross-country media tours, and had the opportunity to see the business up close at their production facilities in Germany and Italy. He’s also coordinated photography for their catalogues and marketing materials, designed and created product launches, and presented at trade shows and industry events nationally on their behalf.

Andrew continues his close relationship with the company in his role as part of the Kitchen Design Council (KDC), which contributes to media initiatives and trade shows in the U.S. and Canada.


When Taymor needed to refresh their brand, Andrew Pike stepped in, helping them produce updated catalogues and marketing materials with cleaner, more modern graphics. Working hand in hand with the digital marketing team, he sourced materials and products to create room scenes that were more aligned with their current direction. Mood boards and inspiration images were supplied to Taymor so they could easily translate them into beautiful interior and exterior spaces.

Andrew meets regularly with the Taymor team to brainstorm ideas for product development, determine market direction and identify areas of opportunity.


Andrew Pike joined Metrie as a consultant during their initial strategic rebranding of their organization from Moulding And Millwork. He not only helped them create their international trade show booth, but has also designed spaces for their catalogue imagery and showrooms. In addition to casting on-camera talent for Metrie, Andrew has worked as a stylist for the models and actors, propped and styled the sets, and art directed the photography.

He continues to work closely with them on an ongoing basis, and is an integral member of their Design Council, offering advice and guidance on design and style direction, trends, and product opportunities in the marketplace.